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You know it's for fun when you have to spend time trying to convince the ball you just hit is "out".lol I play with a guy that plays balls sometimes that are clearly I just started stopping the points and calling them out He would every now and then try to argue the ball was's funny but we neither of us want to win knowing 6 or 7 balls got played that shouldn't have

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I'm with you. As I don't have an pro tennis career aspirations (or delusions?), I'd much rather play with someone who is fun with a pleasant disposition than a great player who can't even crack a smile or manage to carry a conversation other than mumbling a few words.

The same goes for my playing golf. I find playing a round with a good natured, fun novice more preferable than with a great golfer with a personality of a stone. The latter type of player can make a 4 hour golf round seem like a 8 hour round.
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