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Yeah, that can be tough. When I played in college we were at the NAIA national championships and i had to play one of the top seeds. He played Davis Cup for some Europeon country.... don't recall who. Anywhy, he had amazing depth and consistancy.... every shot landed 6 inches inside the baseline. I went for big shots and got up on him the the first set, something like 4-3, but could not keep it up. A couple of years ago ran into the same thing in the finals of a national senior event on clay. The guy had no power, did not look very athletic, but could hit every shot exactly where he wanted to, and never missed. I tried to attack him, and almost won the first set, but the guy could pass me on clay at will. So lost to him as well. Bottom line is that some guys are just good, and although you should have a strategy to try and beat them, does not mean it will work. In a case like you described, I would try to play to my strengths, make the guy earn every point, and see how it goes. Attacking a player like that is a good strategy if your game is geared for it, but hard to play against your strengths.
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