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I would try this.

Go to youtube of fuzzyyellowballs and get some video of Agassi and Safin hitting 2 HBH that show there prep position. You should see them swith the non-dom hand to a strong conti and the L hand in a E or E/SW grip. You should also see that their hands are between their shoulders even after they have turned their shoulders. The racket head will be above the hands but not quite straight above the hands like a FH prep.

1. Have you daughter perfect her prep position to match Agassi and Safin.
2. Hit her some easy slow balls and have her position the prep and hold it.
3. From the prep position in step 2: have her say bounce (when the ball bounces in front of her, have her say 2 when she starts her swing which will be a small loop with her hands to take the racket head to the bottom of the ball, and have her say pull as she rotates into contact and pulls the racket head thru contact and up and over her dominate shoulder.

Basically, get a perfect grip at prep, hold the prep as long as possible (preferrably until after the boucne), and then take a continuous swing to contact.

Another thing that may help is have her reverse engineer her prep postion. Have her position her racket and body at contact position with shoulder open and racket head just like she wants it exactly at contact. Now, take a backwards loop from contact to prep position - get her wrist and hands in this prep position.

My theory is if she nails a good prep postion with proper grips set which is a strong conti on dom-hand; she can then learn to just relax hands and swing smoothly to contact. No fancy wrist manipulation needed.
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