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Originally Posted by _craze View Post
Any person can play and deceive the computer to get their rank. When their qualities don't match the descriptions against a fair challenge, it's easy to see.

A much better/experienced player or an honest self-rate will always beat a computer going based on match results. Subjective, again, but if I hit my best and you see there's a reason I'm not at my given level, I won't outright deny it.

As for the video, I'll try to see if I can get court time tonight. If I do have the video, I'll upload it. If not, I won't post anymore.

OK, I get your point. A player can sandbag and get a NTRP below his or her actual level. On the other hand, if you self-rate above your level you'll probably not have wins at a given level. A 3.5 isn't going to be able to maintain a 4.5 computer rating.
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