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Originally Posted by teamprovan View Post
They were playing super tie breaks when I gave it to her to try and she could only win a point on an ace but could not keep in a ground stroke to save her life. Went from top court to bottom fast. Took it away and gave back her 3 year old Bab and right back to the top court with no more losses.
That would occur to just about any player when you hand them a frame in the middle of a match that they have never used.....especially one like this that take a little hitting to get used to. The exact same would probably happen if you gave her a Yonex Ezone frame out of the blue.

But this is just further example that the frame is not as the cover might indicate, open it up and spend a little quality time with it and you may get a great reward. I will be interested to read how things go with it in the coming weeks......sounds like your wallet might hurt with how much of a beating she imposes on string.

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