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Tough one, the South Fla high school teams must be stacked if a 4.5 loses at #4!

To answer your question, just look for patterns in his shots. You would be surprised by how many higher level people only hit their forehand/backhand cc or only take short balls down the line. If he proves he can consistently hit all 4 shots (the occasional tree winner is to be expected, especially in HS) then see what style he has. It sounds like your shots were not bothering him, were you possibly hitting short? This sounds like a kid where I would try to work angles and move him around. From what I understand his shots were not giving you trouble, so see how much he likes to run side to side every single point. Maybe he doesn't handle slice very well and you can work that in. Every single kid you play has a breaking point, and you just have to find it. If this kid sees you redirecting his balls back, not giving him anything, and making him run, he might start amping up and going for more. Now 2 in inside the line turns into 1 in out. I would not suggest coming to the net, especially since you don't prefer to do so, because if the guy has precise shots he will most likely be able to come up with some pretty good passing shots.

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I pass on #1 Coach's tip against a super consistent player - hit balls deep to the middle.
I agree, if the guy handles angles well and can put you on the defense, then this is also a great plan use. The goal is to make him getting one point the most annoying process possible.

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