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I would not be surprised at all to see a big tennis-related scandal this year.
After Lance Armstrong, the soccer betting scandal in Europe, the new crime-doping scandal in Australia, it seems that they've finally decided to clean up house in sports around the world.
It is definitely time for the ATP to join in and do the same, with no fear and no shame, as far as the organization is concerned.

I really don't believe that in tennis the problem is quite as widespread as some claim. Otherwise we wouldn't see that much of a performance gap between some players and the rest of the field. (Or if it is, then clearly most of them are not getting the top-shelf PEDs...) Either way, we only need one famous player to be exposed and kicked out of the game - that should be enough of a deterrent for the rest of them, at least for a while. Silent bans do nothing to prevent others from using - we need a Lance Armstrong type of scandal to get the rest of the players to clean up.
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