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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
It doesnt prevent gaming at all. It just makes everything transparent. There are no "secret rules", etc. Its very easy to understand what one has to do to move up/down, etc.

If someone really really wants to game the system, as mentioned above, there isnt much that can be done about it. At least with a transparent system, everyone knows how to cheat equally! LOL
USTA is pretty transparent as well. 98% of complains here is about 'people on other teams are gaming the system (i.e rated too low)' and 'a player on my team was rightly self-rated but got disqualified'.

Which is truly amazing. How is that so hard to arrange a match with a computer rated player, ask him to play as best as he can, buy him a six-packs for his time/effort and the second one if he wins, and at the and of two our exercise you will have a pretty accurate idea of your level. There's really no more/less to it. Folks spent much more time trying to fit one's skills into USTA guidelines while playing a single match would solve your self-rating issue.
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