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Originally Posted by spot View Post
chatt_town and schmke- I believe that you guys are incorrect on what constitutes a strike. How I understand it is that you generate a strike if your rating at the end of the match is outside of the permissible range. So by playing more matches your rating has more "weight" and it is harder for one outlying result to generate a strike for you. This is also part of the reason it is possible to generate a strike even with a loss.
No one here really knows ...and I have not read through the next 30 posts so maybe this has been hashed out already.

But my understanding was that when your dynamic rating exceeded a threshold you earned a strike. So by getting your dynamic rating down at the starts helps you at the end.

I have seen e-mails to DQ'd folks where their third strike is actually not an impressive performance yet they still get DQ'd. Presumably this is because they are still over the threshold even though that individual match in an of itself would not have earned a strike..
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