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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
*Computer-rated and Benchmarked players do not get strikes, only self-rated players get strikes as I understand the system.

**Again, I believe that is because the only players who can be DQ'ed are self-rated players. I believe even if a computer-rated player was found to have dishonestly estimated his self-rating, once he or she has received a year-end computer-rating they can no long accumulate strikes and get DQed.

***I don't see where someone has responded to this but my understanding was that strikes were generated by winning individual sets with non-competitive scores (e.g. 6-0 or possibly 6-1) over computer-rated players. If this isn't the case, I wish someone who knows would enlighten me.
Point 2 ... Anyone without a B or C rating can get DQ'd ... this includes self rated, appealed and mixed exclusive ratings.

Point 3 .... Assuming an individual match does generate strikes a set score in an of itself does not indicate a strike. If you beat a very low on level player 0 and 1 you are probably not going to get a strike. However if you beat a top of level player 3 and 3, that probably is strike worthy.

Now, if the system works how I suspect it does in that they use you rolling dynamic rating ... then any score could earn you a strike if you get your rolling average high enough.
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