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Originally Posted by Beast of Majorca View Post
Roddick and Hewitt shouldn't be compared to Murray at all. They're much worse players and they failed pretty hard in an era that really only had one good player in it. Murray on the other hand is successful in an era dominated by three players who could all potentially be GOAT contenders.

And anyway, I think people are hyping up old-man Agassi's feats against Federer too much. He might have taken him to five sets, but that doesn't make him anywhere near Prime Fed on an average day. You can't just look at one match and use that as your sample size.
You underrate Roddick and Hewitt by alot. Roddick beat Murray in 09 remember and has a winning h2h with Djokovic. They only "failed hard because they had to contend with prime Federer.
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