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His chances at the French would be about the same as Federer's at his current level, which is vastly behind Nadal and somewhat but still significantly behind Djokovic. His chances at Wimbledon would be about the same as Djokovic's, behind Federer, Nadal, and Murray. I doubt he'd win either one of those events, even in his prime of primes, in 2011-present (although maybe 2010 when Djokovic and Federer were both less than spectacular). He'd be up there with Djokovic and Murray as favorites for the U.S. Open and especially the Australian, though, so while he'd likely have mostly semifinal finishes at the two European slams, he'd probably make finals and win trophies at the two hard court slams. So I imagine his ranking would be around 2 or 3, depending on the form of other guys like Federer, Nadal, and Murray, but he'd probably be stuck behind Djokovic in his current form since Djokovic is more consistent than Agassi was even in 1995 and 1999, his best years.

Actually, looking at it more closely, it's eerie how similar Agassi's and Djokovic's careers have been so far. Consistent but far from dominant on clay and grass, lots of finals at the U.S. Open, but mostly runner-ups, and dominance at the Australian.

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