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Originally Posted by _craze View Post
Because your conditioning, hopeless slice, and lack of experience in working with a shot makes you so sagacious.

Get over yourself and hit the shot. If not = "lazy". Besides, technical know-how isn't linear: many of the posters here know more about form than touring pros. It's something that gets more instinctive as you get better.

@zapvor: I'll try my best. Thanks.
my name is a joke, actually. I have a pretty decent all around game, but without doubt my best shot is my BH slice approach shot.

I have also made my living as a coach for many years, and have a number of ex pupils playing College tennis on free rides, so I have had the opportunity to try pretty much every shot there is. I experimented with your silly little TS volley last night actually. It's possible, off weak balls, but it's pointless. A TS volley spends more time in the air and bounces higher. Both negatives in any context.

Most amusing that you use JMac as an example. He was certainly unorthodox and prepared to try anything, and even he never bothered with a topspin volley!
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