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Originally Posted by Devilito View Post

fed is *slightly* taller than Petros. Only goes to show how much more amazing Petros' serve was
Let it go, dude. 1 picture does not stand well against 100s of pictures of Pete/Roger where they are virtually the same height.

The difference in height negligible.

About Sampras's serve...ROFL. You sound like one those Nadal fanboys that say "Just goes to show how amazing Nadal is. 7 RGs even with a chronic foot problem, tendonitis, and his parents splitting up."

If Sampras was David Ferrer's size, then you might have had a case, but an athletic and well-muscled 6 ft 1 guy like Sampras....cut the crap. No physical obstacle was holding Sampras back. There are plenty of guys in the 6 ft-6 ft 2 range who can serve atom bombs.

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