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Originally Posted by schmke View Post
Given your understanding that it is the rolling dynamic rating exceeding the threshold, you can't generate a strike until your first rolling dynamic rating is calculated after 3 matches? Note I don't think this is the case as I believe there are cases of players being DQ'd in 3 or 4 matches, which is another reason I believe it is the match rating, not the rolling rating, that is used for DQs. Or perhaps it is the match rating that is used for the first few matches as a rolling dynamic is established?
I suspect they use individual matches until a dolling dynamic is created ... but again who knows.

IF I were the USTA ... I would choose to use a combination of the two. In my world strikes could be generated for individual match results or for getting the rolling dynamic ratings staying above the threshold for multiple matches.

I don't think it is based on individual match results because so few players ever end up being DQ'd.
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