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Well I am not a tennis expert, but common sense will tell me that the exact distance to contact point is not known before hand when you are swinging the racquet. Hence its just not possible to start decelerating or swing such as to reach max velocity at the exact contact point because its not known till you actually hit the ball. Your only option is then to whip hard and continue to accelerate (or add velocity) till you hit the ball. Once the ball is hit and the signal is received by the brain, thats when you will start decelerating and get into the follow through mode and that would be well past the actual contact point and hence its safe to assume that the peak velocity will be a little after the contact point and not at the contact point or before the contact point.
your post makes sense to me. I think some here get mixed up on what the player is doing/trying to do, and mix that up with what actually happens from that effort. Seems a player is trying to hit strongly through the ball, but even with that effort, the racket will not continue to go as fast due to the contact. But it's not like that is anything the player is trying to do and would have no bearing on instruction. Basically that the racket may actually slow a bit at contact might be expected and really just a trivia fact since it has nothing to do with what the player is trying to do, right?
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