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Hold on now spot...I don't think there is a rule keeping you from playing stronger players lower than weaker players. What they have is some anti sandbagging rule that keeps you from moving players up and down the lineup but teams can easily set up a lineup where it is just the opposite of what you think it should be or basically start your strength in the middle. I've seen teams win city like this. They don't play their strongest team at 1. I've seen some that play their strongest team at 3. That could insure you get to 4 and 5.

However, there is no rule stating you can't play stronger players behind weaker players. How would you police that?

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ALTA does a lousy job of rating individuals. THis is my single biggest issue with ALTA- a person who wins at line 1 is treated the same as someone from the same team who loses badly at line 5. (And in ALTA there is a rule that you do not play weaker lines over stronger lines)

That said- I STRONGLY prefer ALTA's way of forming a team. You can create at team from any 12 (or more) people you want and they place a team based on the 10 highest rated players. This makes team formation greatly easier. You can have players who once played in college playing on the same team with guys who started playing a few months ago. The team getting moved up in ALTA is natural and it comes out of team success so it is very tough to manipulate.

Compare that to the problem of getting bumped up in USTA. Either you have to move the entire team up to a level many do not belong at or else you need to leave the team and find a new group of players.

My ideal would be that they use ALTA's method of team formation but have more levels of team so that getting bumped an extra level wouldn't matter. But still have an individual rating and if a self rated player got DQ'd they would be ineligible for playoffs. But since 1 person's rating would only count as 10% of the team's rating there would be VERY little reason to underrate.
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