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Originally Posted by jmnk View Post
USTA is pretty transparent as well. 98% of complains here is about 'people on other teams are gaming the system (i.e rated too low)' and 'a player on my team was rightly self-rated but got disqualified'.

Which is truly amazing. How is that so hard to arrange a match with a computer rated player, ask him to play as best as he can, buy him a six-packs for his time/effort and the second one if he wins, and at the and of two our exercise you will have a pretty accurate idea of your level. There's really no more/less to it. Folks spent much more time trying to fit one's skills into USTA guidelines while playing a single match would solve your self-rating issue.
That is an excellent method IMO. This is actually the preferred method for getting a UT rating.....they desire you to play a qualifying match against a known player. The results of that match, or matches, can be used to determine the level of a player new to the league.

This can still be "gamed" of course......but at least it's an attempt at objectivity.
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