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Sure, my simple explanation is this. If you know that you are a 3.0 player, then don't go getting on a a-2 team. The rules are transparent as some are saying they want. You know right now if you make the playoffs at a-4, you are going to be a minimum of A-3 next season. If you jump teams you will carry that A-3 ranking to another team. That team knows it can be moved up if you play a level lower than A-3.

It's better than this current USTA could be bumped if "you play on the first tuesday of the month and you play a player that had Ihop pancakes for breakfast..that is unless he had steak 2 nights earlier and there was a full moon that night." The point is no one knows what the hell is going on with USTA. What the lady told me back then may have been complete horse *****, but there was nothing we could do about it. They had already gotten our money...and don't let me get started on that.

You pay one 25 dollar fee or something a year with's something like 40 bucks for Usta then you have all the bs league fees that come with it. Do I need to keep going?
I don't think its as bad as you say it is. There is one self rated year where you can get dqed in the season and then everything is fine. This might suck if you should be in that division, but from the cases I have seen in my short league time this is actually rare. There are far more cases where a captain gets a player to self rate down 2 levels for a winning team. There seems to be a lot of gaming, but this is one thing which I don't think is that unfair.
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