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Originally Posted by Bubbagumptennis View Post
My racquet of choice - six one 95 16x18 (2012)

Played against a 2 star recruit today. Score 6-2 6-1

Found that any time I was forced on the run to my forehand I'd ALWAYS FRAME IT.

Any kick serve return I'd ALWAYS FRAME IT.

Any high forehand at all I'd ALWAYS FRAME IT.

Is it because this racquet is too much for me to handle? Too small of a head?

I admit it's probably all on me - technique, swing speed, etc etc.

I'm 15, 5'10, 138 lbs

5.0 level serve but 3.5 on groundies. So I guess my NTRP is around 4.0
Simple, keep your EYES on the ball, and hussle to be in position. Watch the top pros, every shot they are looking at the ball contact the racquet.

That racquet you have is awesome! It's a big head, more round than oval, it definitely is not your racquet.
Wilson K-Factor 95, NXT Control at 62 lbs
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