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Originally Posted by marc45 View Post
this truly doesn't get mentioned enough.....with all the irrational nadal-hate the dumbest is that he is dumb...of course he doesn't sound great while speaking english..he's clearly not as proficient as fed or novak but his interviews in spanish are great...of course i need translation there and i know that's an really i never really get to hear nadal at his best because i don't speak spanish and he's not great at english...i still enjoy his top-spin forehands, doesn't really have to comment on those
Well if he's so bright, why hasn't he learned to speak English fluently like the rest of the Big Three for whom English is also not their mother tongue?

In fact, forget it, I still maintain that the only way you know how bright someone is is when you give him a speed math/IQ test and see how well he does.
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