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Originally Posted by Jaitock1991 View Post
Seriously. It's no impossibilty that the mentioned players' bodies will break down sooner than Roger's will, despite the fact that Roger is 5 years older. And if that happens, Fed could easilly turn back to being the superior #1 again, aged 36-37 for quite a few more years, and end up in the high 20s, slam counting wise. Maybe I'm just dreaming. Haha....
Well, you do have a point. That age difference can be negligible when it comes to those of different physical lifestyles. Someone healthy like Roger, who is very easy on his joints and in great cardiovascular shape, is likely in a better position than guys 5+ years his junior who lead much more demanding physical lifestyles. Businessmen who work in offices often look younger and move much better than hard laboring construction workers ten years younger. (My uncle is in the latter group and looks like he can be the father of many men his age.) I don't doubt for a second that if many younger players put their heads on Roger's body, they'd feel more spry and youthful.
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