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He spends a ton of time on his blog teaching how to prepare early for you groundstrokes, setting your hitting arm position, and coiling properly, etc. without adding extra contrived movements that will break down under pressure. Yet we have wegnerites on here ( Wegner teaches early preparation is not an important part of the modern game and shouldn't be worried about) citing the tennis speed articles about stroke production. It really is shocking how bad some peoples reading comprehension is.
Hey, thanks for the point out on tennisspeed blog. There is really a lot of interesting information on there. Can you give another point out where he teaches about early preparation? I wanted to read about that and couldn't find his teaching on it. I did see quite a bit on how he describes the backswing types, but missed the part covering the early preparation where I guess you are talking about before the actual backswing of the strokes starts. thanks
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