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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Are you saying the posted rules state that singles must yield to groups? If so, I understand your point.

If you are just talking about your own perceptions of etiquette, then I think you are being quite rude and selfish to harass a solo tennis player because you and a buddy want to use a public court.
Again, a single person. Not people actually playing tennis. Yes, a single person was not supposed to hold a court. After school/work, it was usually at least an hour wait for a court, if not 2 hours, with multiple groups waiting. A single person just practicing his serve would not be allowed to hold a court. It was the rare total jerk who tried to practice his serve for an hour with maybe 10 or 20 people waiting for courts. They were made to leave.

Also, if people were waiting,you were supposed to play doubles. However, no one worried much about that rule. If it was a long wait and there was a couple people playing singles, you might offer to play doubles - they could stay longer and you didn't have to wait as long.

(Oh, the joys of the tennis boom)

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