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Originally Posted by DropShotArtist View Post
So you think he was better on clay in 2012 than 2008?
As a whole, yes. 2012 I feel he was more dominant. He won Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Rome without losing a set and only lost one set in RG to a guy that had his measure in the past 3 majors.

In 2008 his RG level was probably higher but it's hard to tell he didn't have to face anyone with Novak 2012's level so that's probably why he never lost a set.

But in the 2008 masters events he struggled againt Federer in Monte Carlo (down 5-0 in the first set IIRC), lost sets in Barcelona and lost sets in Hamburg.

The Rome loss cancels out with the Madrid loss.

So technically he had better clay results in 2012 than in 2008.
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