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Originally Posted by merwy View Post
Very good interview from Rafa. He sounds confident and realistic. I like what he said about the doping issue. Obviously Nadal isn't going to admit that he's doping, but what he said here makes me trust him a lot more. He's like "Everyone shut the f up with all the rumours! Just make the test results public and this whole discussion would be over."

You know, when you consider the possibility that he really is clean, it's quite a sad story. The guy is playing great, is finally starting to win matches against Djokovic again, won RG. Then he suddenly has to stop playing because of injury (not the first time either..). This pauze takes longer than expected and he misses 2 Grand Slams, 1 WTF and the Olympics. This must be incredibly depressing.. but on top of that, instead of people showing sympathy for the guy, they're accusing him of doping.
Not gonna lie, I'd be ****ed.
well said, it's really caught me off-guard when it started, but what can you do..he'll handle it
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