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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
Well if he's so bright, why hasn't he learned to speak English fluently like the rest of the Big Three for whom English is also not their mother tongue?

In fact, forget it, I still maintain that the only way you know how bright someone is is when you give him a speed math/IQ test and see how well he does.
i don't know why, i don't really care...he is a tennis player not a lecturer..he speaks it well enough for me....i'd give him the benefit of the doubt that he has made strong efforts...i think that's clear from following his career, but it is a bit of a shame he can't quite express his thoughts as clearly as he does in spanish/catalon because he really is quite impressive...deep at times and funny and thoughtful

and c'mon you don't just measure intelligence or "brightness" with math tests...none of these guys are going to be running their countries science programs when they're done
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