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Outside the fact that there is no singles. I like the way Alta does it. It's real simple. You move with your team and be done with it. None of this calculating you beat this person on this day and didn't beat this one on that day nonesense.
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if you really think that 'moving up/down' a player based solely on how good/bad the team he is on is doing is in any way, shape or form better than USTA ranking than obviously your idea of what constitutes a 'fair ranking' escapes me. could you kindly explain how is that better? As in -
a) how does it more accurately describes a level of an individual player, and
b) how does it better evaluates players so matches between same-level players are at least somewhat competitive?
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Sure, my simple explanation is this. If you know that you are a 3.0 player, then don't go getting on a a-2 team. The rules are transparent as some are saying they want. You know right now if you make the playoffs at a-4, you are going to be a minimum of A-3 next season. If you jump teams you will carry that A-3 ranking to another team. That team knows it can be moved up if you play a level lower than A-3.
Rather than arguing here I'm going to refer you to this blog;
Perhaps you've seen it. There's no way you can convince anybody that individual ranking that is based on team's performance and not on one's own play is more accurate. This would be as if all player's on a given Davis Cup team were ranked the same, according to how far the team advanced.

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It's better than this current USTA could be bumped if "you play on the first tuesday of the month and you play a player that had Ihop pancakes for breakfast..that is unless he had steak 2 nights earlier and there was a full moon that night." The point is no one knows what the hell is going on with USTA. What the lady told me back then may have been complete horse *****, but there was nothing we could do about it. They had already gotten our money...and don't let me get started on that.
What you conveniently fail to mention is:
- you run risk of DQ only if you are self-rated.
- you are going to be DQ if you are self-rated --and-- you beat someone with match proven ranking (that happens to be similar to the one you assigned to yourself) by a score that strongly indicates it was not a competitive match. And to take into account bad luck/illness/and other one-time occurrences it needs to happen three times in a single season. I fail to see how that is unfair.

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You pay one 25 dollar fee or something a year with's something like 40 bucks for Usta then you have all the bs league fees that come with it. Do I need to keep going?
I agree with that one. Other than maybe hoping that my money goes toward general betterment of tennis I also do not know why I need to pay USTA (or ALTA for that matter) so I can play a tennis match.

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