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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
No, Federer's first language is Swiss German. That is his mother tongue. He also learned English because his mother is from South Africa but he lived in and was raised in Switzerland and his mother tongue is Swiss German:

"Federer speaks three languages: German, French and English, although his mother tongue but not his mother's tongue is Swiss German."

Re Federer's language with his twins, he just stated in an interview that his girls understand English, Swiss German and Slovakian but they speak Swiss German:

"Q: How many languages do your three-year-old daughters speak?

RF: They understand three - English, Swiss-German and Slovakian (wife Mirka's native tongue) - and they speak one (Swiss-German)."

Stick to your obsessive knowledge about Nadal, you are lousy at Federer facts.
I read an article this past summer where he said himself that the first language that he learned was English because that's what his mother spoke to him, but that he naturally learned Swiss-German almost at the same time. He also said that he and Mirka speak to their girls in English at home because they realize it will be beneficial for them to grow up knowing the language. Can't be bothered to look for the link because it really doesn't matter to me what Federer does or doesn't do.

And I'll stick to my knowledge of Nadal if you'll stick to yours about Federer and quit posting a gazillion accusatory and false posts about Nadal.
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