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Originally Posted by Leelord337 View Post
paul van dyk isn't rubbish, lol
Truth, but only in his technical skills do I think he isn't rubbish. His setup and how he basically remakes tracks on the fly and mixes them with other people's tracks as the set goes on is pretty neat. It's quite intuitive.

Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
As for Deamau5 doing the private jet thing - his days of doing that will soon be over. He's been pinged a number of times for dissing the way DJs play their sets only to have some high profile DJs spreading the word around the trap that he actually pre-records his DJing sets. Once a DJ gets to that level their bookings become resigned to massive one-off parties and so the clock ticks faster than for guys who can play (and rock) local clubs and gigs of all sizes which drive the scenes everywhere.
That's the whole point of his set. He basically converted his studio into a live setup and has the MIDI already mixed and pre-programmed. All he does is twiddle a few knobs and recall a few presets from his hardware synths in a live situation. His stuff is actually really well mixed and produced so all he does is basically load up a ton MIDI and automation data from his productions into one instance of Ableton and hits play. Albeit with some 15-20k worth of gear around him. Look at his setup, it's borderline impossible to do all that 100% live. And it is impossible to do that whilst mixing in the tracks of other people, due to how the key progression of his tracks work in relation to that of others.

His old live set was cooler, when he used a custom built controller to program all his sequences and one-shots on top of his music and that of other people.

Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Just saw this again. It's a Japanese live jazz band called A Hundred Birds which remakes classic techno as live tracks. This is their remake of Octave One 'Blackwater', one of the most iconic techno tracks since the turn of the century.
That is awesome.
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