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Yea... It would be tough for Andre to be in top 4-5.. I mean Murray and Ferrer are just too good for him. ROFLMAO

Bottom line.. If you got a talentless MUG like Ferrer in the top 4. Andre is good enough to be top 1-2 EASY (especially with Fed old and Nadal out injured for a year)

Gimme a break
Exactly. A really really old Agassi was giving peak Federer all he could handle. So why wouldnt a prime Agassi be able to be ranked above a really old Federer, a good 3 years or more past the end of his prime, and a good 7 years or so now past his peak. Nadal doesnt even factor into the current rankings as he has played something like 3 matches in 8 months (yet has only dropped to #5, and it took World #4 Ferrer over 7 months in a 12 month rolling system of absolutely no tennis for Nadal to overtake him, what does that say about the current ATP, lol!). Murray is not better than prime Agassi, not yet anyway. That leaves only Djokovic as a threat to a prime and in form Agassi to be ranked above.
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