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Originally Posted by klu375 View Post
Actually I forgot that your son is interested in the Ivys. Yes it may be more productive to remove schools of interest and put there killer academic stats instead. Some of the schools may be waiting for your son's test scores/gpa and test score/gpas of higher ranked recruits. From our experience different coaches have different recruiting styles - some talk to all high-ranked kids even before they have any scores and some wait.
I do not think coaches can legally talk to recruits outside of THEIR campus until July 1sr after Jr. year.
If your kid is interested in Ivy University; he/she can play tennis 8 hours a week (it is absolutely enough) and increase quality of school time. My kid did this; he received SAT 2270 and 800 on subject. He will go to top 10, and he is pretty good in tennis.
Champions are born, and then, they are made

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