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Cool Roger has a headache, Murray a rush on his neck... start of silent ban?

Just for fun... (what a witch-hunt!)

I have some more theories

Li Na faked her injury falling twice at the Australian Open final, Bartoli says she has the flu (not true).

New tennis star Sloane Stephens won't play the Fed Cup as she is preparing for a future silent ban (maybe in the next 5 years)

Anderson pretended to have an operation to his elbow...or he had it for real to cover his silent ban (he took drugs when he was a baby.. that's why he is so tall)

I think all of these are silent bans.. and Federer and Murray are preparing for it.

Almost forgot ... Brian Baker served 7 years (or something like that) to cover a mega-silent ban.

Have you got any other news to add?
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