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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
Or, as a player, you might as well just play as well as you can every time you step onto the court, not worry about rating stuff at all, and let the computer do its thing.

The guys who are going to try cheat the system will find a way to do that no matter what the system is.

For the rest of us, just play. If you come across a sandbagger, just view it as an opportunity to test yourself against a stronger player.
OrangePower seems wise beyond his years.

Many of us including me get irritated at the Self-Rated sandbaggers or cheaters, but OrangePower is right.
They will never stop appearing, especially in the playoffs.

Could the USTA do better ? Seems so. I read a lot of great ideas from people on this forum, such as weighted lines,

I feel like Don Quixote when trying to fight these windmills. There is nothing to lose against these players except your composure and respect of your teammates. Not worth this. Play the match, shake hands and move on.

Thanks OrangePower.
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