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Today's session was mostly similar to last night's. Hit the ball from all areas of the court pretty well. For the most part anyway. Had some trouble with backhands again, but that's a work in progress. Pace of shot was a bit higher tonight so I am glad that I made the adjustment well. Definitely feeling like I am anticipating and reacting more quickly than last week.

Also had some interesting forehand exchanges with the other younger guy of the group. He often tries to crack the ball on that side, but when he would go cross court to me (playing doubles) I had no problems with it. Felt good, sort of thinking to myself "I can play that game too, maybe even a bit better." I kind of think I gave him more trouble than vice versa.

Already looking forward to my sessions next week. Legs are a bit sore but I'm good to go Also had a brief scare with my ankle but all's good. I sometimes have a very short slide when being pulled a bit over to my forehand side. On this occasion I actually felt my ankle start to roll over but I was able to recover and kept stable. Won the point too Anyway, I'm going to try and make the same 2 clinics every week and possibly get in a hit with a friend of mine. Three sessions a week should have me right back on track for getting ready to play the club league that starts up in a month or two.
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