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Default YAFPT - Yet Another Foreign Player Thread

First off, apologies to people from countries other than the US. I realize you don't consider yourself foreign in your country, but this is a US centric thread, so, well, you are foreign. (If you were offended by that, please stop reading)

So, Johann took a slot that Johnny wanted. Newsflash Johnny ... you weren't good enough. Apparently though, some people think we should reward mediocrity. Let's limit the number of foreign players receiving scholarships so that kids who aren't very good get rewarded. How about we just put a scholarship fund together. I'm sure we'll find plenty of people willing to donate to a fund that rewards 'nice try Johnny, good effort, here's a bag of money'.

I think it rocks that we are taking the best players from all the other countries. If I run around screaming US is #1, that sounds like hyperbole. If every country sends their best juniors to the US, guess that turns into fact!

For those of you who don't want foreign players turning in awesome performances at the NCAA finals, then get together, fly to New York and tear down the Statue of Liberty.

I have literally no facts to back this up, but most of the 'foreign players stealing scholarships from Americans' tend to stay in the states. So now, I guess they are stealing jobs from Americans too. Several of the pro's at my club can't speak the president's English, those spots should be filled with Americans. Dang it, those foreigners are stealing jobs, marrying our American men and women and paying taxes that should be paid by Americans. They even have the nerve to have children who are stealing American citizenship. This is crazy and must be stopped!

Back to poor Johnny. He can't get into a Major D1 school. The only scholarships he's been offered are at D2 or NAIA schools he has never heard of. Doesn't matter if he can get an awesome education, he would much rather play at a school he has seen on TV. There his main focus would be tennis and education secondary. That way, he could take some lame major that doesn't get in the way of tennis. Without a scholarship, he's stuck focusing on his studies. Poor thing, he's setting himself up for a bright future instead of living on the glory of playing at a major D1 school.

There are 4.5 scholarships at D1/D2 Men's tennis. In the grand scheme of things, is that really worth 'protecting'.
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