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Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
left left over curry shrimp over fried rice from kenny's sub shop in rockville. they give you so much f*&%*^&*( food it takes 3 days to consume.

1st world problem
when did you go? I usually go to the one in Gaithersburg on a weekly basis. I usually get their 5 wings and rice for $5. Their ice tea is good too. Their steak subs is crazy big. Oh well. quantity vs quality. the debate continues.

Can't believe National Rehab Hospital's campus is huge! But they don't have one decent eatery. Any good recommendations around that area? I heard there's alot of good west indies/Caribbean places. Wouldn't mind picking up some oxtails, curried goat and salt fish. I went to Andrene's and it's pretty decent except they kinda oversalted.

Want to try
- Caribean Palace (Get me some Roti's)
- Sweet Mango Cafe.
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