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Agassi wasn't good enough to whipe Pete off the court at other then maybe at his peak on rebound ace. But even in 2000, that match could have gone either way and Pete was further past his prime then Agassi was mind you.

Even then I would give Pete's form at say the 1994 Australian and 1997 to give even a peak Agassi a run for his money on slow hard courts

Pete was vastly superior on faster conditions like fast hards, grass and all indoor surfaces.

Heck even on clay (pete's worst surface) hes got a couple wins over Andre there.

Agassi is extremely talented, but he isn't as talented as Fed and Pete, Laver, Pancho, Rosewall, Connors, Nadal are etc.

Hes had a ton of talent but not GOAT-like talent. Hes got talent on par with say Djokovic. Maybe slightly more talent then Nole.
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