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Originally Posted by tennisconsultcom View Post
If your kid is interested in Ivy University; he/she can play tennis 8 hours a week (it is absolutely enough) and increase quality of school time. My kid did this; he received SAT 2270 and 800 on subject. He will go to top 10, and he is pretty good in tennis.
I spoke to a former Ivy coach a few months ago, who requested 16 hrs of tennis practice on and off court, 6 days a week. A few top line players might spend several more hrs on individuals with coaches or additional match play with team mates (voluntarily). My son wants to make the varsity team and continue to improve his tennis in college. He has been preparing for college life, taking hard courses and spending 3-4 hrs daily on tennis training (including 1-2 hrs in my car).

You must mean 8 hrs training in high school. Did he already get an offer from an Ivy? Congratulations!

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