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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
It's pretty obvious english is not Federer's first language and is something Federer has picked up mostly by himself. Have you ever heard Federer's sister speak in english? She has a HUGE accent. Obviously, she interacts with her parents in Swiss german.

Federer's english is pretty impressive. Many of the swiss players that grew up with Federer can barely speak english. They had to get someone to translate Marco Chiudinelli's interview to english for a documentary. I think Federer's time spent with Peter Carter probably helped a lot in getting english down.

I totally agree about Novak, very impressive language skills.
It's true that Fed's mother spoke English to him as a baby and his first words were in English. However by the time he was six or so he stopped speaking English w/ his mom at home and forgot alot of it. Obviously it picked up again when he had to learn it in school and then more so when he was travelling internationally on a regular basis.

As for the twins, he and Mirka speak w/ them mostly in Swiss-German.
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