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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
1/31 was the press release day. The selection was made weeks earlier. Other than the ever reliable news system, do you have evidence to the contrary?

In this age of the internet, it is pretty easy to write an email on Monday morning, the 28th,
to the parties that need to be notified that there has been a change.
Zoo Tennis could have been notified the night before she wrote her blog.

It is a mystery to me why you and Chalk are so adamant in defending an organization when they make mistakes?

I would be the first to say that the volunteer system for the USTA is outstanding,
and I have met many wonderful, hardworking, passionate folks who give their time freely for the love for tennis.

But, the management that deals with the juniors seems to be out of touch with the membership.
This is just another example that doesn't sit right.

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