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I think Nadal needs to do what Agnieszka Radwanska did when she ditched her father Robert.

I am sure Rafael Nadal loves and respects his uncle Toni but the man is twenty six years old he isn't a child. I always found Nadal kind of weird he's a twenty something multi millionaire yet emotionally he seems rather immature like a teenager and not as a grown man.

Nadal comes across as someone stuck in adolesence he seems to feel the need of constant approval of his uncle Toni yet it is time for him to live his own life on his own terms.

Now is the time for Nadal to separate from his uncle, find his independence as a man and find his own way.

I hope Nadal doesn't end up like Arantxa Sanchez Vicario another Spanish champion. People thought Arantxa's family life was very close nit yet she wrote a memoir last year saying her parents wasted her $60 million euro fortune.
Arantxa said her parents gave her an allowance now imagine a grown *** woman, asking her parents for an allowance for her own earnings while they live in a huge mansion!

I sincerely hope Rafael Nadal has control over his fortune and he doesn't end up like Arantxa. Family is a good thing, but when a man is an adult he should have control over his own destiny.
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