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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
They are all the same, only difference is a little feel and paint job.
Uhh I beg to differ, The Ncodes and the KFactor/BLX lines use different hole spacing on the cross strings, with the Ncodes having a tighter string bed in the middle of the racquet while the the two newer lines have open patterns in the middle. And NO WAY anyone who has been playing with all three like I have can say they were "all the same". The Ncodes had a light swing weight and really soft stiffness, while the KFactors in comparison were freaking sledgehammers with high swing weight and a much stiffer almost metal pipe feel, and the BLX is about midway in swing weight between the two previous version with soft stiffness like the Ncode but with a much more muted feel. So no, it's not just a paint job...

I haven't tried the new Pro Staff 90 BLX but i'm sure thats a totally new animal as well.

As to which one I like the best... I loved my Ncodes may they rest in peace, dealt with my Kfactor, and mainly use my BLX unless I break the strings. I think if I were a better player I would like the Kfactor the best though, I'm just not strong enough for that thing.
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