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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
It's odd, many USTA sections now are requiring juniors and parents to sign a letter or contract (before tournament play) that they will show good sportsmanship, and yet the head of the USTA organization seems to ignore this standard.
Sportsmanship is for the little people. All joking aside, I can't recall the number of parent/coach "role model" or code of conduct contracts I have had to sign. But when a top player misbehaves, there does seem to be another standard. Socals10's response I think typifies the attitude - its just his passion, cut him some slack. So, if your good, you can curse, and have tantrums, etc and it ok, but if you not winning(aka a loser) you can't. Please lose quietly.

Anyway, I personally am willing to cut the USTA some slack on this particular issue, just cause of the timing. I suppose if they were a highly efficient organization with clear sense of their mission, they would have been able to react to this incident in the short time frame required, but that's asking too much.

I agree with Chalk when he said (I paraphrase) it is wrong paint all the kids in PD(and I recognize this player was not in PD) or USTA supported players with a broad brush and say they are all bad sports who behave bad and skip back draws, etc. But, I think it would be in everyone best interest, USTA, PD, the kids, if being part of PD or being a participant in camps required a higher standard of conduct than making sure not to get more than 9 PPSS.

We don't need more Ryan Harrison's. Maybe USTA needs to get Dr. Fox to spend more time with the kids.
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