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the laughable part is maria would disagree with them.
It is not a diss on Maria either. Maria is definitely one of the best active players, and her power and mental toughness is probably 2nd to only Serena. It is just that everyone who knows squat about womens tennis knows how that matchup has been for the last 8 years. Also when playing Serena is one of the few times Maria seems to lose her usual mental toughness and fight, Serena in addition to being a superior player and a horrible technical matchup has definitely got into her head as well.

Phoenix1983 as for your laughable post, yes Maria spanked Serena once almost a whole decade ago, and Serena has spanked Maria about 9 more times since then, including about 4 brutal beatdowns last year. So your point is what exactly? As for impying Serena is an unbeatable goddess, well if that is the implication we would be saying god Maria is obviously her toughest opponent just because she managed to beat her a whole 9 years ago, yet that is what nobody (except a few like yourself who follow no WTA) is saying.

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