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I purchased a second one that was new old stock off the bay. I wanted to make sure that it was also a "Graphite Pro Series 90" in hopes that it would be very close in specs to the one I picked up at Goodwill.

First one strung:
360g - 12pts HL. 364g - 13 HL with OG

Second one strung:
349g - 9pts HL 353g - 10 HL with OG
According to the TW Calculator I should be able to put 11g in the butt cap and get the same weight/balance.

I started looking at them to compare and noticed that the fonts of the specs on the throats were different. The lighter one also has a Taiwan sticker and a grip size sticker. The font on the heavier one matches the font on my two POG Series 90 racquets that weigh in at 348 and 352g.

I am now on the hunt for another one.

Let's try this Textreme 95 for a while.

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