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Originally Posted by Emet74 View Post
What makes you think his sister's english is so bad? I've only ever seen one interview and she seemed fluent though yes her accent was stronger. She must speak decent English as she attended nursing school in Miami.

Fed's English is far from perfect but his accent is fairly soft, probably from some combination of spending so much time in an English-speaking environment nowdays and also having a good natural ear. No question Fed has a good ear for languages.

I also spoke different languages to my mom and dad at an early age and have a good ear for foreign language as well - I always assumed these were related, but maybe it's partially a natural gift too, lol
Her english is not bad, but the accent was a lot stronger and, basically, you could tell in a second she was not a native speaker (she also made quite a few mistakes, but you could understand what she was saying pretty well.). Federer's english is not perfect , but he speaks very fluently with no accent( imo at least). Every now and then he uses funny words like in Madrid last year "The courts are too slippy" or something.

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