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Originally Posted by Babolat Official View Post
We're constantly looking to improve our products. Some people like the new formula and some don't (see this thread and others on the forum). With any product, we do extensive testing with tour players, pros, coaches. The new formula has to do with the threading of pieces of cattle intestine and increases durability by 15% (according to our testing).

Some shops still carry the old formula if you think you prefer it. When I was last in France I had our product manager walk me through the difference. It is a proprietary technique and although there will be strong backlash to this statement, it has not changed the way it plays if you don't know you are playing with a new version.
this is true i believe. i string for the guy that used to be hitting partner with Lendl and with over 8 stringjobs of BT7 he said nothing about it playing different, and he has used gut for a long time
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