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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
Her english is not bad, but the accent was a lot stronger and, basically, you could tell in a second she was not a native speaker (she also made quite a few mistakes, but you could understand what she was saying pretty well.). Federer's english is not perfect , but he speaks very fluently with no accent( imo at least). Every now and then he uses funny words like in Madrid last year "The courts are too slippy" or something.
Well I wouldn't say "no accent"

As for Nadal, he gets so much flack for his not-great English but I don't remember David Ferrer's English being any too hot, is it? I think in general because so much of the world population speaks Spanish, native Spanish speakers tend not to learn English as early / well, just like the Chinese players tend to have poor English skills. Meanwhile, folks like Fed and Novak whose native languages are Swiss-German and Serbo-Croation which are used by such small populations will on average have be more adept at "the international language."

I know I'm oversimplifying but still.
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