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Believe what you want.

He was punished under the rules and was defaulted from the match. Does every member on the Jr DC team camp have unblemished backgrounds in the last 12 months?

With out clear cut standards, I'm not for subjective judgement especially from the organization you deplore the USTA arbitrarily sanctioning kids. If they can't get it right now, how without additional clear cut guidelines do you think they will get it right in your fantasy world?

Write the committee or chairman who selected the kid and ask them why given these circumstances they picked him.
1. Getting defaulted from a match for repeated code violations at a regional is not just a blemish. After being caught twice swearing in English, he intentionally switched to cursing is Spanish cause he thought he could get away with it. That weekend, how many other kids were defaulted from the regionals for repeated code violations? I don't know the answer, but I suspect 'not many' is a close approximation.

2. I agree with you that I think clean cut, objective standards are important. And if the issue here was his admission to the next USTA-sanctioned tournament , than how many PPSS points he had accrued over the past 12 months would come into play. But this is about selection to participate in a camp. Please point me to the clear cut, objective standards that are used to select kids for participation in these camps. An Internet link would be fine, I am sure this is published somewhere on the USTA site. Ok you get my point, never mind. You keep gong back to this but PPSS doesn't apply. The fact is the decision to reward him by inviting him to participate in this camp is an subjective decision made by USTA PD, and they have there own, unpublished non-objective criteria.

3. I suppose if the minimum were not good enough, it would not be the minimum. I believe for everyones benefit, the threshold for being able to participate in an event like this should be higher, not the same as or lower than, the threshold required not to be suspended from USTA competition. The fact is for all we know, he has other suspension points before this and is now actually suspended from USTA competition for a period of time, I don't know. But that in and of itself would not have stopped him, at least by an objective rule, from participating the camp.

4. All the above said, I think the timing of the two events was actually coincident, and I can see how was invited well before hand, and 'uninviting' was not practical.
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